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TK's Country Pools,  LLC. 

A First & Second Generation Family Owned & Operated Company.

We are located at 2505 E. Hwy 199 in Springtown, TX 76082.

We Service Our Community + 55 mile radius. 

To Our Valued Customers,  

We Offer Free Waterlink Lab Services, Design Consultations & Training on the Products We Sell. 


Creating a Backyard Oasis
Paul & Melinda Austin of Azle, TX visited us looking for pool options that were suitable for their backyard landscape. They have a 3' slopping yard directly off their back porch and that was making it a challenge for them to go with a traditional above ground pool. Optimum Pools were making their introduction to the market at this time and we needed a yard to display the product. So, we chose The Austin Family, based off their landscape, to be the lucky recipient of this new cutting edge pool technology. The Optimum Pool installs quickly and easily, allowing you to begin using your pool FASTER than a traditional Gunite In Ground Pool.

The Optimum Pool is the new in-ground pool of 2018! Buyers, be ready to save THOUSANDS of dollars on our Optimum Pool vs Gunite Pools! 


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Our success can be measured by the continual growth of our company.  Throughout our combined 50 years experience, we have  steadily grown, and it has been mostly through client referrals.  We treat your project as though it were for one of our own backyards. 

Our Purpose is to build long lasting Pools, Decks 

and Spas for our beautiful TK Country Customers.

Our expertise and genuine desire to offer quality 

made products to Consumers is what drives us. 

We believe no dream is too small or too ambitious for your backyard! Contact us at 817-677-2494 and our designers will learn about your vision, your backyard space, your budget, and your timeline.  Then we will create a unique plan to make your dream a reality.

Ready to take the plunge? Feel free to browse our online shopping center and learn about our products and services. Create your own dream package, save your research, and shop at the Web Center! Just create a username and password to access your account online.



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Check it out! We were chosen & featured on HGTV's Exclusive New Optimum Pool Build!

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Let's Talk Hot Tubs!!

Soothe away pain and suffering this year with a Sunbelt Spa! We have something to meet every desire, from great to small! 

Let's chat and customize your hot tub today! Call 817-677-2494  

​At Sunbelt Spas, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. A treat for body and mind, a treatment for aches and pains. Swirling aqua-massage, aroma therapy, stereo sound, and lighting to suit your mood… we engage all the senses to give you full-body, full-mind stress relief that rejuvenates, exuberates, and leaves a heavenly, “good all over” feeling that lasts and lasts. Nothing else that feels so good is so good for you.

A Sunbelt Spa adds pleasure to your life, benefits to your health, and value to your home. We make them better to satisfy us, the better to satisfy you.

Sunbelt has been building spas since 1979. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about giving our customers what they want, which is why we offer over 50 different designs, each with unique seating arrangements and jet combinations.

Each of our spas is crafted to the highest standards of workmanship. We use only the finest materials and components available. For our customers, nothing else will do.

When we design a spa, whether it’s an intimate spa for 2 or a spacious 8-seater, we concentrate on one thing: giving you the very finest spa experience possible, in as many different ways as possible. Ergonomic seating design assures your ultimate comfort and satisfaction, no matter where you happen to be sitting in the spa.

Every seating arrangement is carefully thought out so each individual has their own uncrowded space from head to toe. Jet types and placement are carefully considered to give each seat its own unique “feel” and range of massage sensations. We expect people to move around in our spas, sampling each seat and savoring the different flavors of massage from neck and shoulders, to back and thighs, calves, ankles and feet. From deep penetrating back massage and the foot-pleasing turbulence of a volcanic geyser jet to the airy flutter of a neck-and shoulders waterfall, Sunbelt Spas are dedicated to your total body pleasure.

A wide variety: Choose from the popular LoneStar Series, Sunbelt Euro Series, Storm Series, Wave Series, & Swim Spa Series!

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  • Quality over Quantity
  • In-House Crew
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